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As a professional fine artist based in Miami, Thomas B. Logan is always looking for the next opportunity to translate life experiences into creative work. He has dedicated years to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop his skills.

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Thomas B. Logan is an Irish-American hardcore gamer and professional artist who lives in Miami. His artwork has been widely displayed in South Florida. His hobbies include watching WWE and Impact wrestling, playing Magic: The Gathering, and getting new tattoos. He’s a comic book collector with a degree in Computer Art and Animation. He was the co-founder and creative director of the now defunct, a gaming website and podcast. He’s the Creative Director at Logan Masterworks and a Geek culture editor at Sliver of Stone Magazine.


2020 – Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida                

Major: Multi-Media Studies

2009 – AA from Miami-Dade College, Miami, Florida                  

Major: Computer Art/Animation



August 2018 – Present

Creative Director/Owner

  • Communicates with Logan Masterworks clients regarding specifications for customized artwork

  • Works with designers, artists, and marketing team to create a vision for products sold

  • Plans advertising, oversees the creative process and gives guidance to the artist guild

  • Approves all work created by Logan Masterworks

  • Hires creative staff



2016 – Present

Geek Culture Editor at  

Artist (Freelance) 

  • Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications

  • Creates logos

Private Art Instructor

  • Designed and Instructed creative workshops for the Little Haiti Book Festival / Miami Book Fair.

  • Provided private art instruction, developing and implementing dynamic lesson plans that emphasized art creation, critical thinking, and self-expression

Co-Owner and Creative Director at

  • The now defunct was a co-owned and co-founded website focused on the video game culture.

  • Podcast discussed trends and current events within the gaming community, as well as the games played and enjoyed by the hosts. 

  • Global reach in over a dozen countries. Over 1,000 listeners.


  • “Proverbs and Comic Books” (May 6, 2018)

Location: Little Haiti Book Festival / Miami Book Fair

The beauty of proverbs lies in the universality of their truth wisdom and truth. Artist , comic books editor at , taught aspiring writers and artists how to use proverbs to blend fiction and art in exciting, innovative ways. Participants learned to collaborate with colleagues who speak different languages of craft. When words and images enter into conversation with each other, what changes occur in both art forms? How is the creative experience altered? Logan explored these questions and discussed how the two art forms, when informed by proverbs, can compliment, complete, and even translate each other.

  • “A Map to Wakanda” (August 25-26, 2018)

Location: Miami Dade College / Miami Book Fair

How do we write comics that celebrate diversity and cultural dynamism so that our stories are both universal and specific? How do we translate our skills as writers into the graphic medium and include fully realized characters of different backgrounds, with flaws and challenges they must overcome and learn to cope with, characters who possess their own hopes, dreams and agency and are not merely defined by one or two characteristics? How can other genres – Caribbean folktales for example – be “translated” into comics, and how can these comics become a catalyst in helping readers “see” the humanity of people who have traditionally been dehumanized?


  • Photography and Sculpture

  • Adobe Suite Software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook, and Maya

  • Artwork previously on display at various galleries and museums in South Florida

  • Hundreds of paintings, drawings and digital projects created per request

  • Contributor to several murals in Miami-Dade County (children’s daycare, college halls, and retail interiors)