Thomas B. Logan

My art is central to my identity. It is an expression of who I am and what I am. Everything I make stems from my imagination and my past experiences. I create what I know.

My primary objective is to manifest the creations of my mind into a physically tangible medium. My love for the craft and the ability to bring what I see in my mind’s eye to the physical is at the heart of my art. It’s why I work. It’s why I draw. It’s why I paint. It’s why I create.

Through the process of creation, I interpret my experiences and my surroundings and how they have affected me over the course of my life. I create my art for myself primarily, even if it is a commissioned piece. I’ve found my clients and patrons are best satisfied if I appease my own need to create work that speaks from my heart, mind and soul foremost.

My style is an art unto itself. It’s unique and incomparable, but based on teachings of masters who preceded me. My style is also a glimpse into what my mind sees, and a means of conveying my inner consciousness to the outer world. I’ve been influenced by a variety of artists throughout human history, from renaissance masters to surrealist legends to serial artists. My work is based in an interest in many different eras from medieval to modern, with an eye towards the sci-fi future. Whether I’m creating a self-portrait, a fictional character or even designing logos for a corporate client, my interests and influences can always be seen, even if it’s just a glimpse.

I utilize many tools and mediums, from pencils to pens, from pastels to charcoal, and from paints to computers. I aspire to innovate. The possibilities are as limitless as my imagination.