A Visual Journey

Thomas B. Logan was born in Hollywood, FL and raised by a single mother with help from his grandparents. He is of Irish-American decent, with roots in West Virginia and South Carolina. He grew up primarily in North Miami and attended school at Miami Norland Elementary, Middle and Senior High, where he graduated in the top 10%—number 11—in his class. Thomas graduated from Miami-Dade College with an associate degree in Computer Art and Animation, and after a hiatus has returned to college with the ultimate goal of obtaining a master’s degree in Studio Art. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

Thomas has been passionate about art since he was old enough to pick up a crayon. He drew on everything from walls to carpet to flooring, and eventually paper. His mother and grandfather recognized his talent immediately and sought to nurture it as he grew. In the first grade, his school artwork was exhibited at a gallery showing at the Omni Mall in Downtown Miami. He was the youngest artist to be displayed at that location up to that time. Thomas continued to hone his art in a specialized program in the arts in his school district. There, he found inspiration in the works of notable artists such as Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Raphael, and also in more contemporary illustrations by Rob Liefeld, Todd Liefeld and Jim Lee, among others. Thomas’s art has been exhibited in shows and gallery settings throughout Miami-Dade County, and he has contracted work for many small businesses, companies and institutions such as the Miami Book Fair and Miami-Dade College, among others. He’s created murals in Miami-Dade County for local schools and churches, and collaborated on a mural project for Miami-Dade College.

From 2001, until he returned to college in 2018, Thomas worked in the retail sector  for companies such as GameStop and Best Buy, holding positions of management, such as Store Manager, Department Lead and Microsoft Expert. During his 11 ½ years at Best Buy, Thomas was responsible for designing flyers and posters for training, events and classes. At Microsoft he was the head of their games division at the Dadeland, FL location. Most recently, he created artwork for the Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean program.

Thomas is currently the Co-owner and Creative Director at Logan Masterworks. He brings over 20 years of experience in the arts and in the business world to his position with the company. His work runs the gamut from painting and illustration to 3D modeling and graphic design. He is currently illustrating a comic book he is co-writing with M.J. Fievre, a lifelong dream of his.

Thomas has a major passion for video games. He and two of his friends co-founded the now defunct gaming-centric podcast The Ranting Gamers, which later evolved into an online gaming site and weekly podcast called (it was popular in Russia). Thomas recently began a new gaming page on Instagram called Red Bandana Gaming, with plans for a podcast in the near future. Utilizing his combined love for video games and art, Thomas has developed a playable 3D game level for a concept in the works, using Maya and Unreal Engine.

In 2018, in addition to his work with Logan Masterworks, Thomas moderated two ReadCaribbean panels for the Miami Book Fair at Miami-Dade College. He also co-taught a class in comic book writing, A Map to Wakanda as part of Miami Book Fair’s year-round programming, and co-taught a class with Yanatha Desouvre (Proverbs and Comic Books) during the Little Haiti Book Festival, part of Miami Book Fair’s ReadCaribbean Program.